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In this week's issue - On sale Wednesday 4 March

The latest Classic Car Weekly is in the shops now! Here's what to look forward to in this week's issue:

Nick Larkin drives the millionth Morris Minor - and how you can buy this British motoring milestone

Why the Ford Capri MkIII is being hailed as one of the classic market's strongest performers


Why scrappage CAN work - a compelling story of the island where classic cars escaped the crusher

The Classic Car Show's Alex Riley joins CCW, plus Richard Hudson-Evans' new column gives you an inside view into the auction world

Ford Lotus Cortina driven - what the Sixties saloon icon is REALLY like to drive

Top 10 luxury cars for £10k or less - how to live the high life with your next classic purchase

All the highlights of the International MG and Triumph Spares Day, plus the gripping finale of the Road to Mandalay endurance rally

Ferrari 400 and Porsche 912 buying guides - how to buy these brilliant performance classics, before prices soar

The issues affecting your classic car club - all of Club Expo's hot topics analysed

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