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The latest issue of Classic Car Weekly is out now!

It's a 96-page special issue celebrating the best of British - and it's still only £2.50! Here's what you can look forward to...

Exclusive test of the Rover SD1 Vitesse police car featured in this Sunday's episode of For The Love of Cars - is it still up for a game of cops and robbers?


Why a pensions rule change is shaking up the classics market - full story inside

25 things that make you proud to be British - the cars, events and people that make the UK's classic movement great

Triumph GT6 - top tips for buying the Spitfire's more practical cousin

This summer's best shows - eight page guide to the events you'll want to take your pride and joy along to, PLUS what the show organisers are doing to stop the typically British weather stopping play

Flying Scotsman - the best pictures and results from a vintage car adventure

The best events to look forward to on Drive-It Day


Techno Classica Essen - full report on Europe's biggest classic car show

Our Classics: What our Product News specialist ended up buying when he went shopping for a classic car in the United Specialist

AND there's all the usual news, cars for sale tested, and hundreds of cars for sale in our classifieds - make sure you pick up your copy!