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In this week's issue - On sale Wednesday 25 March

Here's what to look forward to in the latest issue of Classic Car Weekly:

British Leyland special - Why the XJ-S, Princess and TR7 should have saved the company, a look back at how BL wooed us with the Princess 40 years ago, and why a BL showroom has been lovingly re-created in Sweden

Specialists report dropping spares sales for pre-1960 cars - and why they're worrying owners are skimping on getting crucial safety items


Practical Classics Restoration and Classic Car Show - Your free four page pullout guide, free with this week's issue!

MG PA Midget driven - why it's still enormous fun to drive, 80 years on

Top tips for anyone thinking of buying an Alvis TD21

Audi Coupé - why now is the time to buy one

The lowdown on 377 cars that sold at auction - the star cars from five different sales

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