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In this week's issue - On sale Wednesday 13 August

This week's cover of Classic Car Weekly 
The latest issue of Classic Car Weekly is out now! Among the treats in this week's packed edition:

55 years of the Mini - the story of this British institution, plus production figures for every year of its life

How BL took the fight to Ford's Cortina with the Morris Marina

Why the Government's decision to allow closed roads racing has sparked disagreement among classic event organisers

Ferrari 250 GTO breaks auction records - what it means for the classic car market

Lotus Elan M100 road test - why Hethel's front-wheel-drive sports car still divides opinion a quarter of a century on

Jensen Interceptor buyer's guide - whether you're spending £5k or £50k, don't miss our top tips

CCW's Mazda MX-5 laps the Nürburgring - plus the unlikely fix needed to get it there!

Event reports on Tatton Park's Passion For Power show, the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix, plus many more

PLUS the latest club news, auction results, best products and hundreds of classics for sale - make sure you don't miss out on your copy!