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Classic Car Weekly has the biggest range of classic cars for sale every week, and is the only print publication with the very latest news affecting classic car owners. Each issue contains the latest classic news, auction information, reports from the latest events, and inspiring features written by the nation's classic car experts.

In each issue of Classic Car Weekly, you will find:

The latest news and analysis- what's happening in the classic car world, now, and how it affects you.

Top buying guides - expert advice on buying your dream classic car.

Product reviews - garage gear, car parts, accessories, books and some wonderful toys.

Road tests - find out what it's really like to drive all those fantastic classic cars.

The ultimate classic cars events guide - full reports from key classic shows and festivals, at home and abroad, plus listings of what to look forward to.

Classic car auctions results - all the major British auctions previewed, with estimates, and reviewed, with prices achieved.

Whether you're looking for the latest digital edition or a monthly subscription Classic Car Weekly keeps you up to date and helps you get the most out of living the classic life.

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